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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Formal && Mystery Tour - 171110 / 181110;;

Formal && Mystery Tour was great!
However, Mystery Tour was not as great as I expected.

Alright, start with formal.
I left home at around 8:35am to Tina's place. Because Tina wasn't there until 10am, I went to xtie's place. I thought I came to xtie's place a bit too early so i decided to stand outside their door quietly. Suddenly, Leon opened the door and was shocked when he saw me. He opened the door for me and let me in. At that time, xtie was sleeping so Leon woke her up. Oh god! I feel so bad to wake her up from her sleep. We had a small discussion about the formal before I left off to Tina's place.

After that, I made my way to Tina's place. This cute little dog ran up to the door and looked at me. Surprisingly, she did not bark. Sometime later, Tina came. We left our stuff in the house and then left to Mt Ommaney to drop Tahnee off. We later came back to the house.

When we got back, we unpacked our formal gowns, shoes and other stuff. Tina started to do her hair. I just sat and annoyed her.

At around 12:20pm, her awesome cousin, Mel, came (as this was her house). Tina's nanna also came. We just prepared for the formal (doing our hair, makeup and putting on our gowns and shoes). Putting on Tina's dress was a pain because of all the laces and that were hard to put in. It required THREE people to help her put her dress on.

At around 4:00pm we started taking photos and that.

We left the place at around 5:20pm to Liss' place. There were other people there with their parents. They took group photos and yeah.

We hopped into the limousine at around 5:40pm as the limousine depart liss' place at 5:45pm sharp.

We did a few silly things in the limousine. One time, we were waving at random people and pointing at them. We also took pictures of the accident on Milton Rd.

Candice felt sick during the limo ride as she was sitting backward to the direction the limo was driving. I decided to swap seat with her when she requested a seat swap.

We arrived to Royal on the Park at around 6:30pm. Damn, i was so nervous as I thought I could trip while getting out of the car. Anyway, I got out of the car fine. Mrs Furlong took pictures of us (the peeps in the car) as a group.

I got to admit, some of the students came to the formal it pretty cool vehicles.

We made our way into the place after that. We took photos and the formal dinner started at around 7pm. We took photos and dance there.

At around 10pm, we left the dinner room for Lizz's mum to pick us up. There was four of us, Tina, Lizz, Melissa and me. She didn`t come until 10:30pm. We were quite worried that we wouldn't make it to mystery tour on time.

We got back to Lizz's place at around 11:00pm and rushed to get all our formal dresses off. I helped Tina and Lizz to get their dress off as their dress were the ones with ribbons and that attached at the back.

Lalala. We got back to school for mystery tour. Lucky we didn`t miss out. There were other people getting to school after us.

Deciding which bus to go on was a pain as people were deciding either bus 1 or 2. Eventually I went on bus 2.

The tree places we went to were ice-skating, infinity (i think, somewhere in GC) and Dreamworld.

Iceskating was fun. I still can't skate properly though. Belinda, Clement, me and Tina joined up one time. The other time was Piers, Timothy and me joined up to skate.
They had a game of red rover and one guy got injured. According to some friend, he he had a cheekbone fractured and a scrape on his face.

Infinity was crazy! Damn, that made me wide awake after entering the rooms. Tina accidentally elbowed me in the eye as we were all getting freaked out. Some idiots were making loud noises which ruined the fun. Check it out here: http://www.infinitygc.com.au/

We had breakfast after Infinity at the beach. Thank you to Mr Pitt and Mr Holmes for waking up so early and setting it up. We head down to the beach afterward.

Finally, Dreamworld. Unfortunately, we only had access to 3 rides :( The other school had better rides. The only ride i went on there was Cyclone, a roller coaster. I went on there 4 times and wanted to go on more. Unfortunately, we were out of time by then. Duy thought i was crazy for wanting to go on the Cyclone ride again (after 25 hrs of no sleep).

We left Dreamworld at around 8am. We arrived to school at around 9am.
After that, I was picked up Tina`s nanna and arrived at Lizz's house to collect our stuff and went home.

On the way back to my place, I didn`t know my left and right. I told Tina's nanna to go right instead of left. I feel so bad. I eventually got home. I showered and then just slept after that.

Before going to sleep, i received a call from Woolworths saying that I got accepted and to collect my induction kit from where I am to work. I was also told when and where the induction is going to be held. So excited upon my new job for the holidays.

That`s about it for Formal and Mystery Tour.
I`ll write more on graduation tomorrow.

Until then,
tC <3

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